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Group Travel Organiser magazine has just celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment as the UK’s first and leading publication exclusively addressing the needs of group travel organisers. GTO was first published in 1988 and over the past three decades has brought a wealth of news, information and ideas for group trips to organisers all over Great Britain. The magazine is published eight times a year and mailed to around 10,000 specialist group travel buyers, along with additional supplements and guides on particular countries, regions and subjects of interest to groups.

Our latest additional guide, Going Global, is to the growing range of long haul special interest tours now available to GTOs.

If you are a ‘group tour planner’ in the United States, or an ‘organisateur’ for a ‘comite social’ in France, you are just as welcome to join our online community of group travel organisers and learn lots of valuable information about arranging and enjoying trips and holidays together with your work colleagues, club members or friends and neighbours. On our companion website you’ll find a digital version of the magazine, how to subscribe to the print edition and our monthly newsletter and loads of other great content from the magazine and our team of specialist writers on group travel topics.

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